Recently, we found that the consultation and the request of follows has been increased

・The case of Chinese businessman start up a company in Japan(necessary to get a Japan visa and so on )

・The case of Chinese, American, Canadian, Australian, Taiwan’s, Hong Kong’s etc. who would like to do business in Japan

・The case of someone who has a Parent company in Japan and subsidiaries or affiliation companies in foreign countries

・The case of Head office in Japan and Branch office in foreign countries

・The case of having Parent company in foreign country and would like to build subsidiaries in Japan

・The case of someone doing export business and want to refund the consumption tax of Japan

In Japan, it is also difficult for a Japanese to understand how to build a company in a correct way of procedure in law, tax, accounting and so on.

And if these choices were mistaken, these will take huge influence in the future.

We should pay attention to that the procedure of the best way including the merit, and the demerit analysis before making decision.

Our office offers you the service of company set up, tax, accounting and anything what worried you when you do business in Japan!

We have staff who can communicate with you in Chinese or English. Businessman from China, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. please feel free to contact us if you need flowing services.

English, Chinese service, startup support

・The service of company set up( Ltd. Or Co. , Ltd.)
・The service of Japan visa application after company set up(Management Visa, employee’s visa)
・The service of accounting and tax of Japanese corporation
・The service of overseas office, overseas branches’ financial statements add up with the head office
・The service of making financial statements in English or Chinese
・The service of translating Japanese documents to English or Chinese
・The service of New startup loan program of Japanese government-backed finance corporation or Fukuoka’s local bank
・The service of final income tax return of personal business
・The service of cloud accounts introduction
・The service of accounting and bookkeeping
・The service of employee’s payroll processing
・The service of rental office introduction

We support the introduction of accounting software that business condition can grasp even from the foreign countries in real time.

For example, we package it and give the following service by the service mentioned above.

Startup support service

Company start-up+ Manager visa application+ Accounts, tax practice service

→ We offering you one package to support you build a company in Japan with necessary procedures.( The service of company set up, Japan visa application, accounting and tax)


We can communicate with you in English or Chinese if you have any questions.

If you come to Japan presently and could not speak Japanese a lot, or it is difficult for you to come to Japan please feel free to contact us by Skype or Hangout.

Person in charge:Mingetu Ou